Asentaja metrovaunussa.

Working with us

We offer unique prospects, as our know-how is needed in the operation and maintenance of expanding rail transport services and the development of new rail transport projects.

Millions of journeys

We manage the public transport infrastructure of Helsinki and own the tram fleet. We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of trams and metro trains. We also provide the Suomenlinna ferry service and Helsinki’s city bike service.

The Helsinki metropolitan area is growing and developing at an unprecedented rate! This guarantees the continued expansion of its rail transport services powered by emissions-free electricity and unique prospects with interesting projects for us. We keep the residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area moving with approximately 1,200 professionals in 130 different jobs.

We transport

We are present in the everyday lives of Helsinki residents, who make over 150 million journeys on metro trains, trams and the Suomenlinna ferry every year. We are also responsible for Helsinki’s popular city bike service, which is used for over 3 million journeys a year.

We maintain

The maintenance of Helsinki’s trams, metro trains, tram and metro rails, metro stations and four depots is managed by our team of approximately 300 professionals.

We build and develop

Our unique expertise is needed in many major rail transport projects in the Metropolitan Area, such as Jokeri Light RailCrown Bridges Light Rail and the Kalasatama-Pasila Project. The demand for our expertise will only increase in the future as the rail transport services of the Helsinki metropolitan area continue to expand.

Metrojunan kuljettaja junan ovella.

“We provide a service that is very important to city residents, passengers and society as a whole. We are part of Helsinki’s backbone. This is what motivates me to do my best at my job.”

We work together

We are organised into six different functional units that engage in close cooperation with each other to ensure that we perform as well as we possibly can.

Our basic task lies at the core of responsibility

Insinööri tekee muistiinpanoja, taustalla metrojuna.

We provide sustainable transport services that contribute to the achievement of Helsinki’s environmental goals. Sustainable and high-quality rail transport services reduce travel by car and promote the development of a more compact urban structure. We also only procure green, emissions-free electricity, whereby our rail transport services generate no direct carbon dioxide emissions. Our goal is to also provide reliable, safe and accessible transport services. To this end we measure and improve the quality and safety of the customer experience of our metro, tram and Suomenlinna ferry services with the help of customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback, among other ways.

As regards the development of safety and security, we are currently focusing on improving the pleasantness of metro stations and the safety of track work sites. We also take accessibility into account in many ways in our metro trains and trams, as well as at stations and stops. All of our trams have low floors and announce all stops to passengers.

Our goal is to be a responsible and desirable place of work where the staff are well and provided with opportunities to do meaningful work while also developing themselves in the process. We want to develop the know-how of our employees, support their career advancement and provide rewards for good performance. A capable and motivated staff is our most important asset, and together we will continue to be the most respected public transport operator in future as well!