Havainnekuva Ruskeasuon varikosta.

Depot projects

The depot projects are a part of the development plan in preparation for the growth of the inner city’s light rail fleet and the needs of new light rail vehicles.

Currently, there are three tram depots and one metro depot. As rail traffic is expanding, a depot development project of historical extent is underway.

Tram depots

The tram traffic in Helsinki currently operates out of Koskela, Vallila and Töölö. The Töölö and Vallila depots are about 100 years old, while the Koskela depot is over 50 years old, for the most part. The tram traffic and daily maintenance of the fleet are handled in Töölö and Koskela, while the Vallila depot is a repair shop for the trams.

According to the line plans, the tram traffic in the inner city will have increasing vehicle needs. In addition to this, new vehicles will be acquired for the new light rail lines planned, which the new depots will also serve.

The depot strategy prepares for the expansion of rail traffic

The key deficiencies of the depots are the lack of storage space, the outdated and impractical maintenance and repair facilities, and the poor condition of the buildings. These problems are connected to the lines and the fleet expanding.

The purpose of the depot strategy, devised in 2018, is to amend these deficiencies and respond to the expansion of rail traffic.

The construction of the Ruskeasuo depot began in 2021, and the depot will be completed, in its capacity for housing approximately 80 trams, by 2024. The Light Rail depot for line 15 in Roihupelto was be completed in 2022.

In accordance with the depot strategy updated in autumn 2021, the new Koskela depot will be completed in 2029, according to current estimates, while the Töölö depot will remain in use until the end of the 2030s. This will ensure sufficient depot space for both the Crown Bridges Light Rail and the tramways of West Helsinki at the end of the 2020s.

In addition to this, these reforms allow us to prepare for carriage purchases or changes to tram timetables, for example. The aim is to specify the extent and implementation of the planned Laajasalo hybrid depot during further planning.

Depot plans under preparation

Ruskeasuo tram and bus depot

The depot will be the second main depot for tram traffic in Helsinki, along with the Koskela depot.

Koskela depot renewal project

The current facilities, some of which are as old as 80 years and no longer fit for purpose, will be replaced with a new depot. The project will begin in 2024.

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