Pikaraitiovauna ajaa lumisessa maisemassa.

Become a driver

If you enjoy driving and see the appeal of working independently in the cabin of a unique mode of transport, becoming a driver might be just the thing for you!

Kaksi raitiovaunukuljettajaa seisoo raitiovaunun edessä.

Do you want a meaningful job where you have a concrete impact on the daily lives of the city’s residents? The Helsinki metropolitan area’s rail transport network is set to triple in size, which is why we are looking for new drivers to join us!

Apply to become a tram driver!Apply to become a tram driver (in Finnish)!

The work of Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd’s drivers has an indispensable impact on the environment and passengers; our drivers keep the city’s residents moving in an environmentally-friendly and timely manner. The profession is unique in many ways – there are few jobs where you get to see the sun rise and the city wake up in the way that you do in the cabin of a tram or metro train.

A glimpse into metro train driver training

Our employees enjoy working with us

Kuljettaja metrojunan ohjaamossa.

We offer a mobile job with friendly colleagues. We are a secure employer, and with the size of the rail transport network set to triple, we will be needing more drivers than ever in the future. We also offer excellent employee benefits, such as employer-subsidised travel tickets, optional employee housing and lunch, exercise and cultural benefits. Our employees enjoy working with us – our average length of employment is approximately 12 years.

We will train you for your new job

Raitiovaunun kuljettajat raitiovaunun ovella.

Our capable instructors will train you for your new job in collaboration with Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute. The training period is considered paid employment, meaning that you will be paid wages during your training as well. The training is carried out in the form of apprenticeship training. The training begins with a two-month contact teaching period, followed by four (4) months of on-the-job training. The training is full-time, with instruction provided primarily in the evenings and at weekends.

Artic-raitiovaunu liikenteessä.

A future-proof career

Drivers are our single largest occupational group. We currently employ a total of over 600 metro train and tram drivers, and the number will only grow in the future: The future expansion of the western section of the metro and tram projects such as Jokeri Light Rail and Crown Bridges Light Rail ensure that drivers will continue to be needed in ever greater numbers.

How can I become a metro or tram driver?

Category B driving licence

You have at least a Finnish category B driving licence and you enjoy driving.

Appropriate age

You are at least 21 years old and have accumulated some driving experience.

Good health

Your state of health makes you suitable for a transport profession and working while sitting. More information on health requirements is available on Traficom’s website (in Finnish).

Safe driving technique

You have no recorded traffic offences.

A responsible professional

Taking responsibility in traffic comes naturally to you.

Variable working hours

You are prepared to work in shifts and understand that doing so requires a degree of flexibility.

Good customer service

Working as a driver is about providing a service to city residents. As such, good interaction skills and a service-oriented attitude are a must in this job.

Good language skills

You have good Finnish language skills, ensuring precise communication and thus safe operation.