Pikaraitiovaunu Vallilan varikon pihalla.

Tram fleet

ForCity Smart Artic X54 light rail

In summer 2021, you could witness a new light rail carriage in the inner city traffic when the ForCity Smart Artic X54 carriage was being tested. Experiences of the prototype carriage will be used as a reference when finalising the solutions on serially produced carriages. Passengers also got to see the new light rail carriage.

The first 29 carriages supplied by Škoda Transtech will be used on the light rail line 550 once the Jokeri Light Rail is completed. We have also ordered 23 similar carriages for the needs of the Crown Bridges Light Rail.


Most trams running in Helsinki traffic are of the Artic type, of which there are 60 in total. Two carriages from the pre-series were delivered for testing in Helsinki in 2013, and the first serially produced tram arrived in Helsinki in January 2016.

The Artic tram has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Helsinki’s tram network and the Nordic climate.

Articulated trams

The trams in service are mainly Finnish articulated trams manufactured by Valmet and Strömberg (MLNRV I and MLNRV II). There are a total of 52 of these.

The maintenance unit manages the majority of everyday tram maintenance and repairs. However, external subcontractors are also used for tram repairs. In addition to maintenance, trams are also upgraded and renovated. For example, a low-floor middle section has been installed in all of the articulated trams.