Kaupunkipyöriä rivissä.

City bikes

A city bike is a bike shared by users. They are intended for everyone moving about Helsinki, both residents and visitors.

The City of Helsinki is attempting to increase levels of cycling in city traffic. The city bike services supports this goal, for its part.  You can access a bike at a bike station by using your cyclist ID you received at registration or your HSL travel card and keycode. At five stations, bikes are accessible with a payment card and without advance registrations.

City bikes complement public transport

Also in Vantaa and Espoo

A city bike is a bike shared by users. They are intended for everyone moving about Helsinki, both residents and visitors. The city bike system complements the public transport services and provides benefits related to both travel time and health.

When the city bike services began in 2016, the network consisted of 50 bike stations and 500 bikes. At the start of the 2021 season, there were 3,520 city bikes. In Helsinki, there are 242 bike stations south of the Ring I road. The easternmost station is in Vartioharju.  We expanded the city bike services in Helsinki with 105 new stations and 1,050 new bikes added in May–June. The new stations were installed in stages. All new bikes were made available in June.

In Espoo, there are 110 bike stations. The Espoo stations are in the areas of southeastern Espoo and Leppävaara. The city bike services in Helsinki and Espoo form a unified system.

The city bike services in Vantaa began on 3 June 2019. There are about 1,000 bikes at about 100 city bike stations. The stations are located in central and workplace-intensive areas in the major districts of Tikkurila, Aviapolis, Myyrmäki, Kivistö and Koivukylä.

In Vantaa, the bikes can be used and returned using the travel card and mobile app of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). However, the Vantaa system is separate from that in Espoo and Helsinki, which is why the bikes cannot be used across these two systems.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd is responsible for the procurement of the service in Helsinki

The parties responsible for the city bike service are Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd in Helsinki and the City of Espoo’s Technical and Environment Services in Espoo. The service is administered by CityBike Finland.

The party responsible for digital services, marketing and customer relations is Helsinki Region Transport HSL. Clear Channel Suomi Oy is responsible for the advertising media and partnerships related to the project.