Invoicing Instructions


Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd
Financial Services/Purchase Invoices
PO Box 100
01022 Kaupunkiliikenne
Business ID: 3251002-1
EDI code used in e-invoices: 003732510021


talouspalvelut(at) or weekdays 9.00–15.00 City Transport Ltd Purchase Invoices unit, switchboard +358 9 310 1071

Remember to include all the necessary references on your invoice

All invoices must include a reference code, received from an HKL contact person, so that the invoices can be automatically balanced.

  1. The 10-digit purchase code in your purchase order, e.g. 4600XXXXXX, and
  2. the name or our contact person stated in the order’s Our Reference (‘Viitteemme’) field or another reference code provided by HKL.
  3. Including your contact information (email address and phone number) in your invoice will help us contact you.

If an invoice does not include all the information we have requested, it will be returned back to the sender.

Calculating the Payment Period

According to the order’s terms and conditions, the last payment date is calculated once we have received the invoice.
When sending an e-invoice, the payment period begins on the same day.


In the Finvoice format, the invoice reference is stated in the field

  • Finvoice/InvoiceDetails/OrderIdentifier

In the TEAPPS format, the invoice reference is stated in the field