Pyöränhuoltopukki Hakaniemen torilla.

Bicycle maintenance stands

Pump your tyres or maintain your bike as part of your travel chain.

You can pump your tyres or maintain your bike at several metro stations in Helsinki while parking your bike to continue your journey by public transport. Bicycle maintenance stands are available to use at all times year round. The maintenance stand is equipped with an air pump and tools for some quick bike maintenance. You can recognise the bicycle maintenance stands provided by the Metropolitan Area Transport by their yellow colour. These stands are intended for quick basic bike maintenance.

A maintenance stand allows you to support your bike, making it easier to perform maintenance. The stand also features multi-purpose tools such as hex keys for the most common bolts and a ring spanner for axle nuts, allowing you to change your tyre or tighten your chains. The stands also have a foot pump for filling the bike tyres.

Bicycle maintenance stands by Metropolitan Area Transport can currently be found at the following metro and train stations:

  • Hakaniemi
  • Herttoniemi
  • Huopalahti
  • Itäkeskus
  • Koivusaari
  • Kontula
  • Kulosaari
  • Mellunmäki
  • Oulunkylä
  • Puistola
  • Puotila
  • Rastila
  • Siilitie

A more detailed map of the locations of the maintenance stands is in the works.

Pyöränhuoltopukki Hakaniemen torilla.

Tips for quick bike maintenance

  • Make sure your tyres are full of air, as this makes them safer to ride and helps them last longer.
  • Always use a right-sized tool. This is better for both the bolts and the tools.
  • Over-tightening is not good for bicycle parts.
  • The axle attachment of the tyres should be checked at regular intervals.
  • If you notice that the tyres or pedals are moving sideways, take the bike to a professional for maintenance.

Welcome to the Bike Centre on Baana to hear more tips on how to maintain your bike!

If you notice any defects or missing items at any of the bicycle maintenance stands, please inform us through the HSL feedback form. We are continuously developing our services to promote smooth travel chains and cycling.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd, together with its partners, produces and develops various cycling traffic services in Helsinki. Bicycle maintenance stands are part of the comprehensive promotion of cycling traffic.