Puotilan liityntäpysäköinti.

Park-and-ride for cyclists

We build park-and-ride areas for cyclists at key transport hubs.

Bikes in public transport

We develop the park-and-ride services for cyclists in cooperation with our partners. Our goal is to offer safe and weather-protected parking spaces for bikes. In the last few years, we have developed park-and-ride for cyclists around the city. In 2021, we assumed control of all park-and-ride services for cyclists.

Kalasatama Metro Station, among others, features a lockable bike storage room that is easy to use. You can access the bike storage room with an HSL travel card. The room has a total of 224 bike parking spaces at two levels. More is on the way: Helsinki Central Station will have a 1,000-bike parking centre by the underpass to be built from Kansalaistori to Kaisaniemi.

In addition to these, new bike racks that meet modern standards will be built for 5,000 bikes at public transport stations. Of these, 438 spaces will be completed in February and 1,500 in the summer. These spaces include both renovations on existing racks that are in poor condition and the addition of new racks. The racks will mostly have structures that allow the bike to be locked by its frame.

We are also responsible for improving the bike parks in connection with railway stations. As a temporary quick improvement, more than 400 bike racks that allow frame-locking were installed in Puistola, Tapanila, Herttoniemi, Käpylä and Oulunkylä in December 2020. We will make more extensive changes to park-and-ride areas at all stations in the coming years.

Park-and-ride projects for cyclists

Park-and-ride projects for cyclists in the Mellunmäki, Puotila and Rastila metro stations and Pukinmäki railway station were greenlit in September 2021. In practice, this means 850 new spaces where bikes can be locked by their frame. More than half of these spaces will be sheltered. Stations will also receive new signposts, and the visibility of the park-and-ride services will be increased. The improvement projects will be realised during the winter.

In 2022–2024, we will gradually renovate all park-and-ride areas for cyclists and increase the number of frame-lock bike racks.