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Park-and-ride for cyclists

We build park-and-ride areas for cyclists at key transport hubs.

Bikes in public transport

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd is in charge of park-and-ride operations in Helsinki, developing the operations both at metro and train stations. Park-and-ride services are available at public transport stations: cyclists can park their bikes at the stations and then continue their journey conveniently by public transport. Leaving a bike in the park-and-ride areas is free of charge and usually there is no time limit for the parking.

More information on the location of areas reserved for park-and-ride services in Helsinki is available on HSL’s website.

Park-and-ride projects for cyclists

The Metropolitan Area Transport oversees the development of and maintains park-and-ride services of both cars and bikes in Helsinki together with its partners. In recent years, many more park-and-ride areas have been built in Helsinki. During these projects, the old unfit bike racks have been renewed and capacity has been increased to better meet the estimated demand. At the same, the guidance and visibility of the areas have been developed and safety has been improved by enabling cyclists to lock their bikes by their frame.

In the coming years, we will gradually renew the bike racks, increasing the number of racks supporting frame locks. Our goal is to offer safe and weather-protected parking spaces for bikes.

The goals set in the City of Helsinki Cycling Promotion Programme 2020–2025 and the General and Action Plan for Bicycle Parking 2021–2025 (City of Helsinki and Helsinki City Transport, 2021) compiled after the programme steer the development of park-and-ride services. The programme sets out the objectives and indicative timetable for developing the construction of park-and-ride areas at rail transport stations in 2021–2024 and the estimated demand for parking spaces in 2030.

The City of Helsinki aims to increase the proportion of cycling as a mode of transport by 20% by 2035. The services targeted at cyclists have a major role to play in enabling this growth.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd, together with its partners, produces and develops various cycling traffic services in Helsinki. Offering high-quality bicycle parking is an important part of the overall promotion of bicycle traffic.