Lähikuva raidekiskosta lumisessa maisemassa.

Strategy 2023–2026, vision and values

Express tram in the yard of the depot.


Our primary mission is to produce and develop sustainable transport services and infrastructure in the Helsinki metropolitan area with high quality and cost efficiency.


Best mover and developer in sustainable cities.

Metro train at Finnoo station.

Strategic themes

Sustainable mobility together

We bring the best professionals in the sector together to implement sustainable urban development. We enable diverse services on the platform we provide.

Cost efficiency

We will further improve our productivity. We prepare and implement investments with transparency, quality and cost efficiency together with our customers and maintain and develop the value of our assets sustainably.

A unique urban transport entity

We combine infrastructure, equipment, depots and transport services into a unique entity providing significant synergy gains for our customers.

Excellent people experience

Healthy, competent, enthusiastic professionals who are proud of their work create the best urban transport. We seize the moment and develop constantly together.

Two engineers at the site.

Carbon neutrality

We take responsibility for the entire life cycle emissions of our supply chain and operations. Our choices make a difference within the sector.



Benefit to society forms the basis of our operations. Our operations are open, consistent and justifiable. We treat our customers, partners and employees with appreciation and respect.

Customer centricity

We take a respectful, helpful and personal approach with our customers. We listen to the feedback our customers give, and we are constantly developing our operations on the basis of it. Each of our employees is responsible for ensuring a positive customer experience.

We together

We work with customers and networks in a positive and solution-oriented way. Everyone takes responsibility for their own occupational wellbeing and that of those around them. Everyone has the power to and responsibility for, in a constructive way, taking a stand to improve our operations and develop their own work and expertise.