Kaksi raitiovaunua vierekkäin.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

A city of the future needs means of sustainable transport. We take people, climate and nature into consideration when we make our decisions.

A developer of sustainable mobility and a functional city

A city of the future needs even more means of sustainable transport: the tramways, metro and city bikes. We perform these services, all powered by green electricity.

We also build a sustainable city. We are one of the major construction developers in Helsinki, which is why our choices matter. When we build public transport infrastructure, we take climate impact into account in all of our investment decisions.

When we acquire new vehicles, we make the decisions cost-effectively and by looking far into the future.

We repair the old whenever it is sensible for environmental reasons and take care that the lifecycle of our acquisitions is as long as possible. For example, more than 90% of the materials from obsolete metro trains can be recycled.

Our values, vision and goals

We produce and develop sustainable transport services and infrastructure with high quality and cost efficiency.

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Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd is a publicly owned limited company, the primary owner of which is the City of Helsinki. The company’s board manages the urban transport operations.

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The highest decision-making body of Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd is the board of the company.

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Helsinki Tram and Omnibus limited liability company started operating in 1888. Helsinki City Transport (HKL) was established as a municipal enterprise in 1945. Now, we will continue as the Metropolitan Area Transport Limited.

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