Kaksi ihmistä toimistossa.

Responsible employer

We care about our staff’s wellbeing and maintain an operating culture that values the staff.

Our goal is to be a responsible and desirable place of work where the staff are well and provided with opportunities to do meaningful work while also developing themselves in the process. Having knowledgeable, motivated and committed staff is a prerequisite for achieving our strategic goals. We are striving to reach this goal by means such as developing our management and know-how and investing in occupational wellbeing.

We carry out regular surveys on our staff’s wellbeing and take measures based on the results to improve occupational wellbeing. We also help our staff maintain their ability to work by providing support proactively.

We encourage our staff to develop their skills, and we also provide opportunities for development at work. We value everyone’s expertise and maintain a development-positive culture. We share information about our operations and staff openly and sincerely.

Each of our employees is treated equally and fairly, and we do not tolerate any type of discrimination or misconduct. However, if such behaviour is encountered, we have a clear operating model for intervening in these situations. We also treat all candidates equally.

Safe place of work

We provide a healthy and safe environment for our staff through occupational safety measures and controlling safety risks. We require our employees to adhere to safety and follow instructions in all situations. We also provide induction on safe working methods to our suppliers and subcontractors, and we require and supervise that instructions are followed. All of our employees are obligated to follow instructions and report any safety deviations they observe.

Satisfied employees

We invest in our staff’s occupational wellbeing by rewarding our employees for good work, developing their know-how, providing various exercise services, etc. and focusing on the aspects requiring development that are brought up in our annual wellbeing surveys.  Our employees have an opportunity to advance their careers. For example, tram and metro drivers can become traffic foremen through internal training.

Did you know?

We use a compensatory work model: if an employee is temporarily unable to carry out their own work due to an illness, a symptom of it or an accident, they are provided with the opportunity to do other work that is physically lighter.