Ihminen ajaa kaupunkipyörällä.

Cost efficiency

We are pursuing the interests of society at large and producing cost-effective services that allow for sizeable benefits for the owners and clients and offer the city’s residents more for their tax money.

We will prove our worth as the producer of rail transport in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area by ensuring our services’ cost efficiency, continuously developing our operations, and making our investments effectively, in a timely manner and at a high quality.

Thanks to our double role as a transport operator and the owner of the public transport infrastructure, we are an expert in rail transport, and we operate in a manner that best serves the overall system and the interests of society at large.

We do not tolerate corruption or bribery in our operations, and we quickly intervene in potential misconduct. We avoid actions that may cause conflicts of interest, and we work actively to fight the grey economy. Through transparent decision-making, we ensure that our partners and stakeholders are treated equally.

We pay attention to our principles of responsibility when making purchases, and we also require that our partners follow these principles.

Did you know?

The operators are encouraged to drive economically by the DAS speed system installed on the metro trains’ dashboards. In addition to conserving energy, an economical way of driving reduces the wear on the trains and tracks. Our energy conservation target is 10–15 per cent in a year.