Havainnekuva Rautatientorin metroaseman laituritasosta remontin jälkeen.

Metro service disruption in summer 2024

In summer 2024, several metro improvement projects will be underway, resulting in interruptions in metro services. The work to be carried out in the track area cannot be carried out without interrupting metro traffic.

During summer 2024, we will be improving fire safety around the Central Railway Station’s (Rautatientori) metro station as well as repairing the Länsimäentie metro bridges between Kontula and Mellunmäki and the Kontula metro station platform area. We will also be renewing the switches between Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki. Metro service disruption begins on 3 June.

Read more about the projects and the progress of the work on this page.

All in all, the metro encompasses numerous systems, properties, technologies, bridges, tracks and much more. In order to be able to manage as many improvements as possible during the summer disruptions, we will be carrying out several projects during the same disruption period. This is done to reduce the inconvenience caused by the works to the passengers.

Metrojuna seisoo Mellunmäen metroasemalla.

Summer 2024 metro service disruption schedule

  • Rautatientori 3 June–1 September (weeks 23–35)
  • Mellunmäki 3 June–8 September (weeks 23–36)
  • Kontula 24 June–4 August (weeks 26–31)
  • Myllypuro 8 July–4 August (weeks 28–31)

Projects connected to the metro service disruption in summer 2024

Improving fire safety at the Central Railway Station

Improving the fire safety of the Central Railway Station’s metro station is essential for the safety of station users and due to the fire safety requirements set by the authorities. The project involves improvements to the smoke ventilation solutions in the platform area, in particular. The power supply, lighting, telecommunications and security systems of the platform area will be replaced to meet modern requirements, regulations and standards. The suspended ceilings, lighting and surface materials in the platform and escalator areas will also be renewed.

These changes will make the metro station safe and comfortable as well as more energy-efficient and convenient.

Measures to improve fire safety will be implemented in the first phase between 2024 and 2025. Work will continue in the coming years in connection with other projects in the area.

Rautatientorin metroasema.

Basic improvement of the Kontula metro station platform

Kontulan metroasema.

During the service disruption on the Mellunmäki section of track, a basic improvement will be carried out in Kontula metro station. If necessary, it will be possible for the metro to be operated on only one track after the disruption in the project implementation phase with only one side of the platform in use. The project will continue until 2025.

The functionality and comfort of the metro station will be improved by renewing the western entrance and the surface structures of the station. Building services engineering and lighting will be renewed to improve energy efficiency and luminosity.

Birds accessing the station building will be prevented through new roof structure solutions, which will improve station cleanliness and passenger satisfaction. Signs will be renewed and the special requirements of the visually impaired will be better taken into account in the implementation. Our objective is to complete the renovation of the platform area during the service disruptions in summer 2024 so that the central platform will be operational to allow for metro and passenger transport to continue normally after the disruption.

Repair of the Länsimäentie bridges and Alakivi and Mustanpuronpolku underpasses

Damage due to normal wear will be repaired on the Länsimäki bridges and in Alakivi and Mustanpuronpolku underpasses next to Mellunmäki metro station.

The repairs will extend the useful life of the bridges and underpasses, which will pre-empt costly repairs in the future. The Länsimäki bridges’ repair project is scheduled to start in April 2024 and continue to November or December 2024, whereas the underpasses will be repaired from May to August or September 2024.

Mellunmäen metroasema.

Switch replacements on the Itäkeskus–Mellunmäki track

Metro track switches will be renewed in the Kurkimäki switch area between Myllypuro and Kontula, in the Mustapuro switch area between Myllypuro and Itäkeskus and in connection with the Länsimäki bridge renewal. The work is linked to the service disruption on the eastern metro track and will be carried out at the same time as the Länsimäki bridge repairs.

The switches are at the end of their life cycle and must be replaced. This will improve transport safety and efficiency by preventing switch faults. The eastern metro service disruption will also be utilised to complete other maintenance work. The work will be efficient because instead of conventional night-time work, it is possible to work around the clock.

The metro improvement projects in summer 2024 are carried out by Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd and Helsinki City Transport. HSL will be in charge of organising exceptional transport and communicating about transport changes.